ACQUAcquisition Log (energy production)
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The prosecution may appeal acqu ittals (during which time the defendants usually remain in custody) and may seek to retry acquitted defendants if new information becomes available which pertains to guilt -- thus exposing such defendants to double jeopardy by U.S.
[section] 546(b), the rights of the trustee are subject to any applicable law that permits perfection of an interest in property to be effective against an entity that acqu ires rights in the property before the date of perfection.
The TDS was used to acqu ire statistics about the log supply of the sawmill that was involved in this study.
The authors provide four chapters of transaction cycles (revenue, acqu isition and inventory, cash and audits of property, plant and equipment and its financing).
If an industry were characterized by equal access to both de novo and acquisition options, would experiential search and momentum lead chains to specialize in the use of either de novo entry or acqu isition, thus leading to an industry mix?
On the other hand, under the facts of Cenco, the shareholders benefitted from the massive fraud by the corporation which enabled it to receive improper insurance proceeds and make acqu isitions using the inflated value of its stock.
Neugents comes from the AI Ware Inc acqu isition CA made last year (CI No 3,315).
Since a thief has no title to transfer, not even a voidable title, a purchaser from a thief acqu (14.) see Jesse Dukeminier & James E.
Over theAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA past year, Pandora has launched a number of services features meant to leverage the large amount of information it hasAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA acqu about how, when and why its users listen to music on its service.
It's a key role in the film and Charles spent a day helping the two lead actors learn about whisky with a trip to Gle Distillery, to acqu with the whole cu whisky and how t appreciate it.
The issuing bank performs a number of checks in Step 4, e.g., that the card is valid, that it is not over its limit, and that it has not been reported as missing or stolen, if the transaction is accepted, the acqu iring bank issues an authorization, i.e., sets aside the funds in the buyer's account to cover the transaction and notifies the seller of the approval (Step 5).