ACRDAlliance for Community Research and Development (Merced, CA)
ACRDAcquired Cystic Renal Disease (kidneys)
ACRDAlberni-Clayoquot Regional District (local government resource; Canada)
ACRDArizona Civil Rights Division (Phoenix, AZ)
ACRDAccommodation and Car Rental Directory (Canadian government employee resource)
ACRDAutomatic Compression/Release Device
ACRDAnimal Care & Regulation Division
ACRDAssociação Cultural e Recreativa de Deocriste (Deocriste, Viana do Castelo, Portugal)
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In ACRD approach, M, P, C, and J represent the number of tiers in the eNB coverage, the number of RS types, the number of placement combinations, and the number of parameters weights, respectively.
The MHR placement approaches like ACRD, uniform clustering, and fuzzy require approximately the same PC.
ACRD, uniform clustering, and fuzzy approaches utilize RSs to support the uncovered UEs.
The powers consumed by the placed RSs of ACRD, uniform clustering, and fuzzy approaches are 20.2%, 19.8%, and 19.2%, respectively.
Due to the inclusion of RSs, ACRD, uniform clustering, and fuzzy based placement approaches offer higher data rate than the MCD approach.
Journal of Neuropathology acrd Experimental Neurology 2004;63(8):821-830.
Journal of Clinical acrd Experimental Neuropsychology 2003;25(5):680-6961.
Table 2 Headcount by Province acrd Region Using Poverty Line Official 748.56 per Adult in 2001-02 Urban Rural Overall Punjab 26.92 39.27 35.71 Sindh 22.73 48.63 38.50 N W FP 34.21 48.00 45.97 Balochistan 28.57 42.07 39.72 Pakistan 26.04 42.93 38.02 Source: Authors' computation from primary data of HIES 2001-02.