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ACREAdvisory Committee on Releases to the Environment
ACREAction Committee for Rural Electrification
ACREAverage Crop Revenue Election (USDA)
ACREAssociation of Commercial Real Estate
ACREAustralian Cooperative Research Centre for Renewable Energy
ACREAssociation of Clinical Researchers and Educators (New York, NY)
ACREAmerican Council for Renewable Energy
ACREAssociation of Commuter Rail Employees (Labor Union; New York, NY)
ACREAuthorization and Call Routing Equipment
ACREAssessment of Catechesis and Religious Education
ACREAction Committee on Rural Economy (Canada)
ACREAutomatic Climatological Recording Equipment
ACREAPAR Control Remote Entry
ACREAdvanced Clock Ranging Experiment
ACREAdvanced Computer Research Facility
ACREAttribute Coverage Report
ACREAssistant Commander Royal Engineers
ACREAssociation of Christian Reformed Educators
ACREAutomatic Checkout & Readiness Equipment
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XL6 also can save a grower $25 or more an acre on nitrogen and $15 an acre on fungal treatments.
Pomona, NY - France Drive, "The Jewel in the Sky": This 20-room mountaintop masterpiece in Pomona, NY, situated on 13 acres in Rockland County, has breathtaking views of New York City, 30 miles away, and the surrounding mountains.
Giving district-wise details of cotton sowing, officials said that 543,222 acre area was brought under cotton cultivation in Rahimyar Khan, 703,980 acre area in Bahawalpur, 548,835 acre in Vehari, 621,021 in Bahawalnagar, 484,620 in Lodhran, 400,379 in Muzaffargarh, 490,000 acre in Khanewal, 398,880 in Multan, 281,943 in Rajanpur, 220,358 in Dera Ghazi Khan, 137,200 in Layyah, 213,431 in Sahiwal, 126,008 in Jhang, 6101 acres in Chiniot, 94,748 acres in TT Singh, 70,153 acres in Faisalabad, 105,750 in Pakpattan, 56,461 acre in Okara, 18.
Together with the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, the agencies have acquired about 62,000 acres of open space in the hills surrounding the San Fernando Valley.
But what about the wildfires that singed about 356,000 acres in the mountains surrounding the Bitterroot Valley in western Montana last summer?
But you couldn't miss Randolph's woods: thousands upon thousands of acres from the foot of Mount Madison north to Randolph Mountain and Mount Crescent and farther still to the quizzically named Pond of Safety and the Kilkenny Ridge beyond.
On a nearly 23-acre parcel adjacent to the foundation's land, density could swell from 50 to 636 units, an increase from about two units to 28 units an acre.
Tree counts of less than 100 per acre have soared to 500 or more, even as high as 1,200 in some places.
In most of the central and western Antelope Valley - including around Lancaster, Palmdale, Mojave, Rosamond, Boron and central California City - developers will have to pay a fee enough to buy a half-acre of preserve land for every acre they build on.
He then cites 15,000 to 20,000 acres a year burned on his 120,000-acre coastal-plain district.
didn't have the side business in its original plan for 610 acres it owns in and around Cajon Creek.