ACRGAtmospheric Chemistry Research Group (University of Bristol; UK)
ACRGAlamo City Rollergirls (San Antonio, TX)
ACRGAnnual Compound Rate of Growth
ACRGApplied Chemometrics Research Group
ACRGAdvanced Code Review Group
ACRGArchaeological Computing Research Group (UK)
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In this study, the PCEs were comprised of each of the 167 MS-DRGs subdivided into 19 ACRG categories.
As illustrated in Exhibit 1, the ACRG is assigned using the diagnoses and procedures present during the trigger hospitalization, plus any diagnosis and procedures that occurred up to one year prior to the date of hospital admission.
8 Charges PCE= MS-DRG + ACRG Window 15 30 60 90 Hosp + Post Acute 41.
As expected, the addition of the ACRGs to the MS-DRGs did not provide a substantial increase in [R.
This reduction is only partially offset by the addition of the ACRGs to the MSDRGs.
For the full bundle of services without readmissions at 90 days, the addition of ACRGs to the MS-DRGs increases the [R.
Initially, the ACRG will focus on lung and gastric cancers, two of the most common forms of cancer in Asia.
Today's announcement marks the formation of the ACRG.
The ACRG is about sharing information for the common good," said Kerry Blanchard, M.
ACRG plans to continue its expansion through both acquisitions and internal growth in the Sunbelt and any other geographic areas with high rates of economic growth.
ACRG's common stock is traded in the over-the-counter market with the NASDAQ symbol ACRG.