ACRLAssociation of College and Research Libraries
ACRLAtlantic Coast Rugby League
ACRLAdvanced Computational Research Laboratory (various locations)
ACRLAmerican City Racing League (motorsports)
ACRLAfrican Council of Religious Leaders
ACRLAlaska Canada Rail Link
ACRLAdministrative Cost Reimbursements to Localities
ACRLAgricultural Chemicals Regulation Law
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The membership of ACRL felt that the leadership provided by Professor Apelian is vital in ensuring the continued success of the laboratory," said Dr.
The ACRL provides legal guidance and support to members of the Arab-American community, actively promotes the development of policies and governance to secure the community's constitutional and civil rights, and serves as a conduit between the Arab-American community and the media to assure adequate and accurate representation on issues of Arab-American concern.
We benchmarked over 1000 of the collection's oldest monographs against a modified version of the 2008 ACRL transfer criteria used to identify titles to be moved from general to special collections.
19) The ACRL travel grant is offered to a current or former ALA Spectrum Scholar who has not previously attended the ACRL conference and who is a member of the association.
We think both of these products will draw intense interest with the researchers and librarians at ACRL.
Since Choice is published by ACRL, one can safely assume that it reflects ACRL's own position.
The library, however, was developing their new curriculum around the ACRL Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education, which were the inspiration for the information management competencies.
The ACRL and the Porsche Pro series will race all three days.
Many of these are being replaced by electronic alerting devices, digital imaging, ipads, ipods, web blogs and services (Moyo, 2002; Ogunsola, 2004; ACRL, 2012; Dhawan, 2012).
This ACRL Active Guide is itself the result of the mentoring relationship between Mavrinac and Stymest.
Allen McKiel, Dean of Library Services at Western Oregon University, will be unveiled on Thursday, April 11 at the 2013 ACRL Conference in Indianapolis, IN.
A longstanding and active member of the ACRL Instruction Section, I was caught up in the flurry of activity (and debate) around the move from "bibliographic instruction" to "information literacy.