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ACRMAmerican Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine
ACRMAnalytical Customer Relationship Management
ACRMAmicale des Cyclos Randonneurs Mulhousiens (French cycling and hiking club)
ACRMAnatomically Correct Reference Model
ACRMAirborne Collection Requirements Message
ACRMAsbestos Containing Roof Material
ACRMAustralasian Compliance Risk Management
ACRMAutomated Communications Resource Manager
ACRMAssistant Customer Relations Manager
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Abbreviations: ABI = acquired brain injury; ACRM = American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine; ADL = activities of daily living; IADL = instrumental activities of daily living; ICF = International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health; ISIG = Interdisciplinary Special Interest Group; TBI = traumatic brain injury; WHO = World Health Organization.
This work has been funded by the General Directorate for Telecommunications and Information Society of the ACRM.
This definition is congruent with the MTBI definition from the ACRM (1993).
Instructor/Evaluator Evaluations of ACRM Effectiveness.
During the early part of 2012, the capitalization of ACR, ACRM, ACR ReTakaful Berhad and ACR ReTakaful MEA was weakened, largely due to unfavorable underwriting performance as a result of the catastrophe losses that occurred in the Asia-Pacific region in 2011.
This is a series of 13 video (not close captioned) and audio cassettes which cover the TBI educational curriculum developed by ACRM.
According to ACRM criteria, mTBI is defined as a physiological disruption in brain function that is manifested by at least one of the following: LOC [less than or equal to] 30 min, AOC [less than or equal to] 24 h, PTA <1 d, any focal neurological deficit(s) that may or may not be transient, and a Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) score of 13 to 15 after the first 30 min postinjury.
The rating actions reflect ACR, ACRM, ACR ReTakaful SEA and ACR ReTakaful MEA's adequate capitalization, geographically diversified underwriting portfolio and conservative investment practice.
The rating actions reflect ACR, ACRM, ACR ReTakaful SEA and ACR ReTakaful MEA's solid capitalization and strong risk management capabilities.
The initial capitalization of ACRM was USD 70 million.
A definition of mild TBI developed by the ACRM [7] states that a person with mild TBI is one who has traumatically induced changes as manifested by at least one of the following:
Open letter from ACRM to HCFA on proposed Medicare PPS.