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ACRONYMAbbreviated Coded Rendition Of Name Yielding Meaning :-)
ACRONYMAlphabetic Collocation Reducing Or Numbing Your Memory :-)
ACRONYMA Contrived Reduction Of Nomenclature Yielding Mnemonics :-)
ACRONYMA Completely Random Order Never Yields Meaning :-)
ACRONYMAbbreviation By Cropping Names That Yield Meaning :-)
ACRONYMAlphanumeric Code for Remembering Odd Names You Make up :-)
ACRONYMAbbreviated Code Rarely Or Never Yielding Meaning :-)
ACRONYMA Crazy Reminder Of Names You Misplaced :-)
ACRONYMA Concise Recollection of Nomenclature Yielding Mnemonics :-)
ACRONYMAlphabetically Coded Reminder of Names You Misremember :-)
ACRONYMAbbreviation Code Rendering One Name Yielding Mnemonic :-)
ACRONYMArcane Capturing Rod of Never Yielding Mystery (MouseHunt)
ACRONYMAmerican Committee Really Out To Numb Your Mind :-)
ACRONYMA Concise Reduction Obliquely Naming Your Meaning :-)
ACRONYMAlphabetical Character Rendition Of a Name Yielding a Meaning :-)
ACRONYMA Clever Re-Organisation Nudges Your Memory :-)
ACRONYMAmerican Committee Research on New York Mayors
ACRONYMAcademy's Choice Reading, One Newspaper for You and Me (Newspaper of IMSA)
ACRONYMA Cross Reference Of Notes Yielding Messages :-)
ACRONYMAlphabetically Condensed Representation of Neologically Yclept Magniloquence :-)
ACRONYMAnnotation Creation for Your Media (digital photograph annotation tool)
ACRONYMAutomatic Computerized Reorganization of Names Yielding Meaninglessness :-)
ACRONYMAnnoyingly Cryptic References or Names You Make :-)
ACRONYMA Cryptic Reminder Of Names You Meet :-)
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I was worried I'd have to take a class in acronyms.
This enables the Free FAA Acronyms App to be a living app updated consistently by NSG and users alike--one of the first living apps of its kind.
No matter whom she's addressing, Davis says, "I definitely try to reference the actual law before I use any acronym.
An acronym for universal serial bus, USB is the most common type of computer port, or connector, used in today's computers.
As such, semiotics seems to be an ideal analytical tool to pursue the questions of interest in the present study, to understand the semiosis of the acronym IMF as a reflection of the general psychology of the Korean people struggling to deal with the Asian financial crisis.
s method (10) uses a search engine to enhance an initial corpus of Web pages useful for acronym detection.
Finally an acronym left over from the war SNAFU (Situation Normal: All Fouled Up or similar).
An increasing number of people clearly think that any bunch of initials is an acronym, oblivious of the fact that an acronym is initials that actually make a word.
In our imperfect world, however, staff members across an organization's various business functions are frequently on different pages--often because of the acronyms each uses--particularly in speech.
Let's call it Abbreviomania, the obsessive use of abbreviations and acronyms in NYC REALTYSPEAK.
She's much more successful and rich than me and I'm just as talented and attractive, so it must be the acronym that's made her fortune.
Author Tony Thorne said: "A quick survey of professionals reveals that of all the varieties of bizword and buzzword, the most irritating by far is the acronym.