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Acronyms offer endless opportunities for cleverness.
Before FOD becomes the JIT or TQM acronym of our time, I hope more definition and clarity is provided --with data--so those inundated with surveys, questionnaires, consultant solicitations and "do or die" customer ultimatums regarding the eradication of FOD everywhere in our facilities can come to a clear consensus definition of an anti-FOD plan.
E-Fit Stands for: Electronic Facial Identification Technique Which means: Don't you love an acronym which explains everything simply?
It was around this time that the acronym began to feature in national media.
I just remember the simple days of yesteryear when acronym stories carried less social baggage.
Technically, an acronym is a word formed by parts of a series of words.
US-based aviation administration services provider North Star Group LLC said it has released a new mobile app that allows users to keep track of the often baffling acronyms used by US aviation regulator the Federal Aviation Administration.
There is no acronym in Ndebele that is derived from Ndebele words.
In dermatopathology, some authors found the acronym as a 'playful' way to name a lesion with combined dermatology tumors and they coined the acronyms METRO (MElanocytic tumor + TRichOblastoma) and CAMEL (CArcinoma + MELanoma) to facilitate memorization of such combination.
That acronym has joined scuba, laser, and FYI as a commonly understood abbreviation.
I was led to believe that the BMS acronym stood for Business Management System, and that throughout the company and its many subsidiaries, it was a common name.