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ACRONYMSA Crazy Roundup of Nonsense You Must See (website)
ACRONYMSA Common Representation Of Names You Must Shorten
ACRONYMSA Cryptic Rendition Of Names You Might See :-)
ACRONYMSAbbreviated Capitalized Realtime Organizational Neological Yeomanlike Memory Surrogates :-)
ACRONYMSAdvanced Cryptology Rendering Obviously Non-Sensical Yet Meaningful Stuff :-)
ACRONYMSAssorted Computing Rumors About Nothing You Might Suspect (Newsletter of Michigan State University Computer Science)
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"Now there is a new acronym in town representing the 'second wave' of Chinese internet giants," said KraneShares in a recent note.
If one of those unknown terms or acronyms comes up in conversation, you can be the one to supply the definition using our online glossary.
Singhvi coined another acronym in Hindi for the BJP while calling it 'Berojgari Jamao Party'.
Since then, the LGBT acronym has been commonly used as an umbrella term in relation to any other minority sexual orientations, such as asexual or pansexual, or gender identities, such as non-binary or genderqueer.
Acronyms and abbreviations have been used since ancient times.
Some acronyms can make you chortle, such as WIMP or KREEP.
My observation is the average lifespan of the latest and greatest business acronym, and the business initiative it represents, is about 10 years before it wears out its welcome and fades away.
..BMW Stands for: Bayerische Motoren Werke Which means: It's an expensive car but the acronym has a rather downto-earth explanation.
I was worried I'd have to take a class in acronyms.
But the deputy's declaration underscored a common insecurity when introduced to a world of unfamiliar terminology peppered with acronyms, initialisms and insider abbreviations.
US-based aviation administration services provider North Star Group LLC said it has released a new mobile app that allows users to keep track of the often baffling acronyms used by US aviation regulator the Federal Aviation Administration.