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ACRONYMSA Crazy Roundup of Nonsense You Must See (website)
ACRONYMSA Common Representation Of Names You Must Shorten
ACRONYMSA Cryptic Rendition Of Names You Might See :-)
ACRONYMSAbbreviated Capitalized Realtime Organizational Neological Yeomanlike Memory Surrogates :-)
ACRONYMSAdvanced Cryptology Rendering Obviously Non-Sensical Yet Meaningful Stuff :-)
ACRONYMSAssorted Computing Rumors About Nothing You Might Suspect (Newsletter of Michigan State University Computer Science)
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All of which leads some to wonder if there are just TMA - too many acronyms.
com is the leading acronyms and abbreviations directory on the internet, serving millions of unique visitors worldwide with its genuine content through its website and content partners such as Answers.
This is where you write down ten trendy acronyms on your note pad.
Nearly two thirds (63 per cent) of employees admit that despite failing to understand the acronyms, they're too embarrassed to ask for an explanation.
While vetting acronym, incidentally, I came upon off-road acrolect, yet another noun we can use.
There is an acronym that describes this - oh, yes, TLC (Tender Loving Care).
survey in order to determine the use and understanding of technology acronyms in the UK.
Students learned the terminology and acronyms used during the Apollo 13 mission.
Peak 10, the leading independent data center operator and managed services company, today announced a record 24 teams will compete to spell obscure technology acronyms and raise awareness for family literacy at the Peak 10 Louisville Technology Acronym Bee (LTAB).
Common Clinical Acronyms - With the help of real home health agencies, the top most commonly used acronyms have been isolated and included in documentation and cross-coded them directly to the associated Volume 1 entry.
com/reports/c39795) has announced the addition of "Glossary of Medical Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms, 3rd edition" to their offering.