ACROSAquarium and Coral Reef Organization of Sarasota (Florida)
ACROSAirborne Cloud-Radiation Observing System (Japan)
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com), and other distribution channels across North America and internationally.
Acro Energy is also executing on its second goal of becoming the nation's premier residential solar installation company with its announced expansion into Arizona, as well as continuing negotiations with suitable acquisition candidates across the United States," continued Fleming.
In 2006, the program was expanded to include distance learning, enabling pharmacy industry professionals from across the country access to high-quality education and credentials in areas of pharmaceutical outcomes and policy.
WASHINGTON -- Today, the Association of Clinical Research Organizations (ACRO) unveiled findings from a groundbreaking survey exploring the decline in physician participation in clinical research across the United States and Western European markets at the 46th Drug Information Association (DIA) annual meeting.
The ACRO survey results indicate that there are key similarities and differences concerning factors that deter physician involvement in clinical research across U.
His expertise and strategic insight will help us grow across the United States as we acquire additional companies in the solar and alternative energy delivery markets," added Fleming.
We've demonstrated early success in California, building Acro Energy into the fourth largest residential integrator as of December 2009 and plan to capitalize on this track-record across the country, customer types, and distributed generation technologies in 2010.