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ACROSSAutomated Cargo Release & Operations Service System
ACROSSAssociation of Christian Resource Organisations Serving Sudan
ACROSSAccelerated Commercial Release Operational Support System
ACROSSAccelerated Customs Release Operations Support System (Canada)
ACROSSACE Resource Optimization Software System (NATO)
ACROSSAssociation of Christians Reaching Out in Service and Support
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Clasp your hands so, and stagger across the room, crying frantically, `Roderigo Save me
After the wagon containing the berry pickers had passed, he went across the field through the tall mustard weeds and climbing a rail fence peered anxiously along the road to the town.
But he's written a wonderful story, telling how he happened to come across the ancient manuscripts in the tomb of some old Indian whose mummy he unearthed on a trip to Central America.
A long scar ran across one cheek and drew the corner of his mouth up in a sinister curl.
The sound of a cannon, shot at Sumter, has rolled across the Southern States, and its echo is heard along the whole stretch of Cote Joyeuse.
Jerry finished his soup, set the child across, and then took his orders to drive to Clapham Rise.
For indeed the moonlight that fell across her bosom was not whiter than my thoughts, nor could any kiss--were it even such a kiss as Venus promised to the betrayer of Psyche--even in its fiercest delirium, be other than dross compared with the wild white peace of those silent hours when we lay thus married and maiden side by side.
The Killer braced himself with the rope across his hip, and as the antelope tautened the singing strands in a last frantic bound for liberty he was thrown over upon his back.
Every now and then a haze of smoke from some nearer conflagra- tion drove across the window and hid the Martian shapes.
If the children had been looking at Grandfather, they would have noticed that he paused in his walk across the room when Clara made this remark.
The old chief and his cousin were indignant at the supposed delinquency of their friends across the water, and called out for them to come over and answer for their shameful conduct.
As early as 1763, shortly after the acquisition of the Canadas by Great Britain, Captain Jonathan Carver, who had been in the British provincial army, projected a journey across the continent between the forty-third and forty-sixth degrees of northern latitude to the shores of -the Pacific Ocean.