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ACRSAluminum Conductor, Steel Reinforced
ACRSAsian Counseling and Referral Service (Seattle, WA)
ACRSAccelerated Cost Recovery System
ACRSAmerican Cancer Research Society
ACRSAustralian Coral Reef Society
ACRSArms Control and Regional Security
ACRSAsset Condition Reporting System (Canada)
ACRSAdvisory Committee for Reactor Safeguards
ACRSAged Care and Rehabilitation Service (Australia)
ACRSAutomated Customer Registration System
ACRSAutomated Conflict Resolution System
ACRSAdvanced Cargo Restraint System
ACRSApplication Capture and Review System
ACRSAutomated Control and Response System
ACRSAppropriations Control Reporting System
ACRSAdvanced Computing Research Society
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But the computation is significantly affected by ACRS realty.
This independent recommendation from ACRS, along with expanding GEH's global supply chain and nuclear footprint, shows the commitment of GEH to long-term nuclear projects.
Unlike ACRS residential rental property, the cumulative excess-over-straight-line rule does not apply.
For installment sales involving depreciable real property, depreciation recapture in the sale year is more likely to be significant if the property is nonresidential ACRS property (acquired during 1981-1986).
ACRS is a nationally recognized non-profit organization offering a broad array of human services and behavioral health programs to Asian Pacific Americans in King County
The ACRS advises the commission independently from the NRC staff on safety issues regarding the licensing and operation of nuclear power plants and their spent-fuel storage systems, as well as in areas of health physics and radiation protection.
168-4(a) and (d), a shareholder-lessor may not be able to use ACRS to depreciate the property, depending on when the property was originally acquired by the corporation.
The ACRS is an independent body of experts that advises the commission on reactor safety matters.
of America (HCA), 109 TC 21 (1997), held that property qualified as tangible personal property for purposes of ACRS and MACRS if the property would have qualified as tangible personal property for ITC purposes.
168(f)(1)'s "legislative history suggests that Congress intended to permit taxpayers to exclude 'moss properly' from the ACRS and MACRS under section 168(f)(1).
The ACRS is a group of experienced technical experts that advises the NRC--independently from the agency's staff--on safety issues surrounding the licensing and operation of nuclear power plants.