ACRTAcademy of Court Reporting (various locations)
ACRTAccelerated Crucible Rotation Technique
ACRTAviation Chief Radio Technician (military classification)
ACRTAssociation for Clinical Research Training
ACRTAtlantis Cars Racing Team (Czech Republic)
ACRTAdvanced Concepts Research Tool
ACRTAmerican Car Racing Team (car club; Switzerland)
ACRTAppraisal Consulting Research & Training, Inc.
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The contract is for supply of 88 ACRT systems to the Army and Indian Air Force over 18 months and subsequent warranty and AMC for 7 years Aircraft Recognition Trainer (ACRT) System is a computer-based simluation that provides realistic aircraft recognition training by creating real world immersive battlefield environment for a trainee.
Commenting on the occasion, Brigadier SC Sharma, President and Director of the Company said After having developed and supplied CREWS, developed and won a contract for a VSHORADS simulator for Army Air Defence earlier and with development and winning of ACRTS contract now, ACAT has capability of simulating Air Defence environment, which includes sensors, weapons systems and targets.
The purpose of this retrospective analysis was to assess and evaluate OS, progression-free survival (PFS), and local relapse-free survival (LRFS) in patients undergoing NCRT and ACRT in LARC in current clinical setting.
The medical records of patients with clinical stage T3-T4N0 or N1-2 rectal cancer who received either NCRT or ACRT between 2007 and 2009 were retrospectively analyzed.
The ACRT groups underwent upfront surgery and received the post-operative chemoradiotherapy as their pathological stage indicated.
Patients in ACRT group were significantly older than NCRT group ( P = 0.
While ACRT is instrumental in simulating operational capabilities of future weapons systems and concepts, another system, called CAVE, is paramount for the design of the FCS family of vehicles.
ACRT also recommended including soil aerification by vertical mulching, fertilization, insecticide application when needed, vine removal, and covering an entrance hole to a cavity at the base to reduce the chance of entry by people or animals.
DEC accepted the ACRT report and authorized the support system.
Software for landscape design and management is available from ACRT, Inc.
In addition to inventorying extant trees, the ACRT report pinpointed potential planting sites.