ACRYAssociation de la Construction Richelieu-Yamaska (French: Richelieu-Yamaska Construction Association; Canada)
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ACRY ascends from the ladies' changing room, which is presently the scene of a dire tight shortage, and a suggestion is made that the female jockeys' male counterparts may be better equipped to replenish stocks.
That will include refrigerator jugs, he said, which are containers for either hot or cold drinks and made out of a trademarked BPA-free acrylic material called acry glass, which is similar to glass.
However we have learned that McKenna, who was out of his mind after a booze-bender, made acry for help himself.
Poly(n-butyI acry!ate)/pol-y(methyl methacrylate-ro-acrylic acid), i.e., PBMA core-shell structured model with lightly cross-linked poly (BA) rubber phase as a core, rigid PMMA phase as a shell and acrylic acid in shell which is chemically bonded to the matrix by reaction its carhoxyl units with the amine groups of the PA 6 is selected.