ACS1Acrocephalosyndactyly, Type I
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The AlterPath ACS1 provides the data encryption required to ensure security and network integrity.
By using a PCMCIA I/O card, IT professionals can even add infrastructure monitoring and control to the ACS1 feature set, allowing access to smoke and leak detectors, temperature and humidity sensors, door alarms and other facilities monitoring devices.
Unlike other console server equipment designed with proprietary software technologies, the AlterPath ACS1 leverages Embedded Linux and other Open Source software," said John Lima, president of Cyclades and head of the company's European operations.
The AlterPath ACS1 uses a PowerPC dual CPU to transfer data from its 10/100BT Ethernet interface to its RS-232/RS-484 (software selectable) serial interface and vice-versa, enabling communications between the serial device and the network.
The AlterPath ACS1 and other Cyclades console servers support systems running Microsoft(R) Windows(R) Server 2003 and UNIX-based operating systems including Linux and Solaris(TM).