ACSACAnnual Computer Security Applications Conference
ACSACAssociation contre la Spondylarthrite Ankylosante et ses Conséquences
ACSACAssociation of Commonwealth Societies of Architects in the Caribbean
ACSACAshby Castle Sub Aqua Club (est. 1997; UK)
ACSACAssistant Chief of Staff for Automation and Communication
ACSACAncient Ceramics Scientific Authentication Centre (Hong Kong)
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For more information on ACSAC or to register for the conference, visit www.
Mehan has been a frequent speaker, most recently co-presenting a well-received tutorial on C&A at the December 2006 ACSAC Conference.
ACSAC 90: 6th Annual Computer Security Applications
Ken Beer, Product Line Manager at Tumbleweed Communications, will deliver a presentation entitled, "Compliance Online: How to Protect Customer Privacy and Meet Other Regulatory Guidelines," as part of the Policy track at ACSAC 2002.