ACSACAnnual Computer Security Applications Conference
ACSACAssociation contre la Spondylarthrite Ankylosante et ses Conséquences
ACSACAssociation of Commonwealth Societies of Architects in the Caribbean
ACSACAncient Ceramics Scientific Authentication Centre (Hong Kong)
ACSACAshby Castle Sub Aqua Club (est. 1997; UK)
ACSACAssistant Chief of Staff for Automation and Communication
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For more information on ACSAC or to register for the conference, visit www.
Mehan has been a frequent speaker, most recently co-presenting a well-received tutorial on C&A at the December 2006 ACSAC Conference.
ACSAC 90: 6th Annual Computer Security Applications
Ken Beer, Product Line Manager at Tumbleweed Communications, will deliver a presentation entitled, "Compliance Online: How to Protect Customer Privacy and Meet Other Regulatory Guidelines," as part of the Policy track at ACSAC 2002.