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ACSCAutomobile Club of Southern California (AAA)
ACSCArea of Critical State Concern (Florida)
ACSCAustralian Computer Science Conference
ACSCAmbulatory Care Sensitive Condition
ACSCAir Command & Staff College
ACSCAssociation of Carolina Shag Clubs
ACSCAdvanced Casino Systems Corporation (Bally Gaming and Systems)
ACSCAustralian Centre for Sustainable Catchments
ACSCArmament Cooperation Steering Committees (US DoD)
ACSCAmerican Society of Corporate Secretaries
ACSCAsociación Colombiana de Sociedades Científicas (Colombian Association of Scientific Societies)
ACSCAegis Combat Systems Center (Wallops Island, VA)
ACSCAssociation of Casualty and Surety Companies (now American Insurance Association)
ACSCAustralia Commonwealth Specialist Catalogue (philatelic catalog)
ACSCAmerican Council on Schools & Colleges
ACSCAPMO Customer Support Center
ACSCAfghan Community Services Center
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The expansion of Medicaid managed care in Massachusetts led to a higher prevalence of ACSC hospitalizations among Medicaid HMO enrollees than fee-for-service enrollees (Porell 2001).
76) Warden soon became so influential that the ACSC was referred to not only as the "Air Campaign College," but also as the "John Warden school of air power.
b]--There is a statistically significant difference in the CT skills of ACSC and SAASS students.
This study takes an interest in how a region's collective community benefit effort may affect the health of the region's constituents through the ACSC outcome.
5% of all hospital admissions; the main causes of ACSC admissions were gastroenteritis, heart failure, asthma, angina, and urinary tract infections (4,5,16); the risk of hospitalization was highest in the youngest and oldest age groups and among people with low levels of income and education, confirming findings from international studies; reductions in admissions for ACSCs were associated with increased primary care coverage (4,16).
Thank you for supporting The Wright Flyer Papers and our efforts to disseminate outstanding ACSC student research for the benefit of our Air Force and war fighters everywhere.
Finally, the same models were run once by CCI category, and another model was restricted to only those with at least one ACSC within the 3-year study period.
Calls seeking comment from McKernan at the ACSC were directed to AAA Texas, which declined to comment further.
The decision of the ACSC says that BEH EAD is bound to provide the requested piece of information which cannot be interpreted as manufacturing or commercial secret because there is "overwhelming public interest" in the disclosure of the information.
There were 172 participants in the 2011 intake at ACSC, reduced to 170 by the time we distributed the questionnaire.
2 ACSC curriculum will transition to the new version at appropriate points in the version 5.
3) In fact, at any given point, some 10,000 students are enrolled in the ACSC non-Master's distance education program to attain their required PME.