AcSECAccounting Standards Executive Committee
ACSECAdvisory Commission on State Emergency Communications (Texas)
ACSECAllied Courier Services Executive Committee
ACSECAtlantic Canada Sustainable Energy Coalition (Canada)
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The AICPA industry committees have enabled it and ACSEC to deal with many industry-specific issues in the past.
He is a member of ACSEC of AICPA; AIMR; and was an active member of several FASB Advisory Committees.
6 10/27/00 Accounting for Financial Instruments with 3/31/01 Characteristics of Liabilities, Equity, or Both 12/14/99 Reporting Financial Instruments and Certain 5/31/00 Related Assets and Liabilities at Fair Value (preliminary views) 2/23/99 Consolidated Financial Statements: 5/24/99 Purpose and Policy ACSEC (AICPA) 6/19/03 Proposed Statement of Position, Allowance 9/19/03 for Credit Losses 3/14/03 Proposed Statement of Position, Accounting by 5/14/03 Insurance Enterprises for Deferred Acquisition Costs on Internal Replacements Other Than Those Specifically Described in FASB Statement No.