ACSEFAberdeen City and Shire Economic Future (UK)
ACSEFAustralasian Coal and Shale Employees' Federation
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Acsef chairman Tom Smith said the body will continue to press for infrastructure improvements.
14, 'Daily Wage Rates', ANU, NBAC, ACSEF papers, E165/10/9, provided the figures for the coal miners, it painstakingly records every national wage increase awarded the miners over this period.
Aberdeen City and Shire Economic Future (ACSEF) is a joint public/ private sector body promoting the economic development of the area covered by Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Councils.
"Then, through ACSEF which ties in the private sector and the two local authorities along with other public bodies, we developed a long-term plan for the region for the next 30 or so years.
In a speech to Aberdeen City and Shire Economic Future (ACSEF), Derek Provan set out his ambition to create an Airport City, with Aberdeen Airport at its heart.
Tom Smith, chairman of ACSEF, the public private partnership driving forward the City Garden Project to which Sir Ian Wood was prepared to commit PS50million, TURN TO PAGE TWO
The proposed academy is being developed by Aberdeen City and Shire Economic Forum (ACSEF) and led by Scottish Enterprise Grampian.
The ACSEF was one of 22 forums created in 2001 by First Minister candidate Wendy Alexander when she was Minister for Enterprise and Lifelong Learning.