ACSFAfghan Civil Society Forum
ACSFArtificial Cerebrospinal Fluid
ACSFAdvances in Computer Security and Forensics (conference)
ACSFAsheville City Schools Foundation (North Carolina)
ACSFActors Center of San Francisco (California)
ACSFAtlas Client Script Framework
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In another experiment, the hippocampus was perfused with ACSF for 25 min to determine the basal concentrations of glutamate in the extracellular fluid; then perfused with 1 mmol [1.
Second place winners also took home $20,000 each from ACSF, which hosted the awards gala at the Hotel Monaco.
During the debates at the ACSF, the participants acknowledged the necessity to hold an African Social Forum and it was agreed that an organising cluster be established in each country.
Messiah A, Pelletier A and France AG, Partner-specific sexual practices among heterosexual men and women with multiple partners: results from the French national survey, ACSF, Archives of Sexual Behavior, 1996, 25(3):233-247; Misovich SJ, Fisher JD and Fisher WA, Close relationship and elevated HIV risk behavior: evidence and possible underlying psychological processes, Review of General Psychology, 1997, 1(1):72-107; Semple S, Patterson T and Grant I, Parmer type and sexual risk behavior among HIV positive gay and bisexual men: social cognitive correlates, AIDS Education & Prevention, 2000, 12(4):340-356; Stein MD et al.
If sufficient alcohol is present in the ACSF bathing the slice of hippocampal tissue when the patterned stimulation is given, the response recorded later at position B will not be larger than it was at baseline (that is, it will not be potentiated).
Thania Paffenholz and the Afghan Civil Society Forum run by Goetschel and his ACSF project director, Dr.
The prevalence of homosexuality, an important risk factor for STDs, was similar to that in other populations (Hamer, Hu, Magnuson, Hu, Pattatuci, 1993; ACSF Investigators, 1992).
ACSF Investigators, "AIDS and Sexual Behaviour in France," Nature vol.
Baldwin Aviation will provide ACSF members and ASAP participants with an alternative to the web-based application tool (WBAT) program.
The Air Charter Safety Foundation said it has announced that Associated Aircraft Group, Wappingers Falls, New York, is the newest company to join the ACSF.