ACSILAdmiralty Centre for Scientific Information and Liaison (UK)
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A Tabela 4 apresenta o numero de exposicoes aos blocos de pre-treino, selecao de figuras (AB), palavras (AC) e silabas (ACsil) impressas sob controle da palavra ou da silaba ditada ate o criterio estabelecido e, tambem, aos testes de formacao de classes (BC/CB), para os quais nao havia criterio.
He spent over two hours engaging with the members and admiring the hard work that ACSIL does.
ACSIL also provides listening services to amputees out of the major hospitals, including the Royal Liverpool and Aintree Hospital.
Robert Hodgson, and members of ACSIL Doing our best YOUR correspondent in Wednesday's ECHO asked the ward councillors to "do something about the disgusting dog muck our children have to walk around to get to" school (No Mucking About - a disgruntled resident and parent, L4).
ACSIL provides vital support for amputees and their families.
Also through are Speke Acsil RCU who won 8-4 at Mandela as Railway beat Mosslane 4-1 and Elmoore sneaked past Polonia Camps 1-0.
Premier Division leaders Railway FC enjoyed a comfortable 5-2 win over Northpark Utd in Group One and Speke Acsil RCU won 4-1 at Rose and Crown in Group Two.
A HAT-TRICK from Naylor helped leaders Railway to a 4-2 win over second placed Speke Acsil RCU in the CMS League Premier Division and Rose and Crown in third went down 2-1 at Mosslane.
AFC Kirkby's 6-2 win at Polonia Camps saw them also advance to the next round and a hat-trick from McEvitt paved the way for Speke Acsil RCU's (Kays, Wright, Wynn) 6-2 win against Mandela FC.
In the Premier Division Rose and Crown climbed one place to third after beating Mandela FC 4-3 and Mosslane and Speke Acsil RCU drew 5-5 in a ten-goal thriller.
Division One leaders The Abbey went down 2-0 at Speke Acsil RCU as Stuart Rd were hammered 6-2 at Railway.