ACSILAdmiralty Centre for Scientific Information and Liaison (UK)
ACSILAssociation of Commercial Stock Image Licensors, Ltd. (New York, NY)
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Robert Hodgson, and members of ACSIL Doing our best YOUR correspondent in Wednesday's ECHO asked the ward councillors to "do something about the disgusting dog muck our children have to walk around to get to" school (No Mucking About - a disgruntled resident and parent, L4).
This is an opportunity for the media community to connect with senior management executives from the leading footage sources," said Clara Fon-Sing, co-President of ACSIL and VP & General Manager of NBC News Archives Sales and Strategy.
Also on the agenda is a discussion of the ACSIL GLOBAL SURVEY 2015, which shows a 40% growth in the footage business since 2011 and very aggressive annual growth among the ten leading footage companies.
The new video mash-up culture is finding a rich source of creative inspiration in the deep motion picture collections at stock and archival footage sources," remarked Matthew White, Executive Director of ACSIL, on announcing the ACSIL FOOTAGE EXPO 2015.
Join top media executives, film and movie producers, educational administrators, digital publishers, corporate and advertising agencies, as well as others convening at ACSIL FOOTAGE EXPO 2015 to explore new ways to find resources and better communicate with video.
The stock footage business has not promoted its importance in the past, but the business is so imperative now that if you eliminated stock footage from the market, a large amount of TV programming would probably go dark," commented Jill Hawkins, Executive Director, ACSIL.
ACSIL provides vital support for amputees and their families.