ACSIMAssistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management (US Army)
ACSIMAssistant Chief of Staff for Information Management
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The ACSIM ensures land-holding commands, such as the Installation Management Command, the Army Materiel Command, and the Army Reserve and National Guard, have the resources needed to keep the total Army ready.
The ACSIM team partners with the assistant secretaries of the Army for installations, energy and environment; manpower and reserve affairs; and financial management and comptroller to improve Army readiness across 156 installations and 1,100 community-based National Guard armories and Reserve readiness centers.
Synchronizing critical service programs is a core ACSIM mission.
Resourcing Army infrastructure is also a fundamental element of the ACSIM mission.
The board will recommend a strategic plan, prepared by ACSIM, that outlines goals and objectives.
The outbrief emphasized that BRAC is a "team event" involving multiple players in support of CASCOM's efforts: the DA staff, ACSIM, the Army Installation Management Command, AMC, TRADOC, the Army Human Resources Command, the Army Corps of Engineers, other garrisons, the Marine Corps, the Air Force, and the signal and information technology community.
The Base Camp Integrative Capability Development Team continues to move toward a capabilities-based assessment, and recently the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management (ACSIM) presented a concept to the VCSA on expeditionary base camps; however, it falls short of addressing the strategic issue of defining policy for expeditionary basing.
The restructuring will precipitate the movement of approximately 55,000 people over the next five years, said Lynne Anderson, deputy chief of ACSIM's BRAC Division in Arlington, Va.
of Staff for Installation Management (ACSIM), he asserted that many of
Training, and ACSIM, entitled "Army Range and Training Land
recommendation to ACSIM. ACSIM approval is in the form of a memorandum,
details of a Scope of Work (SOW) contingent on ACSIM approval of the