ACSIMAssistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management (US Army)
ACSIMAssistant Chief of Staff for Information Management
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Synchronizing critical service programs is a core ACSIM mission.
Resourcing Army infrastructure is also a fundamental element of the ACSIM mission.
As it plans for the installations of the future, the ACSIM team advocates for resources to enhance mission command centers at Forces Command installations, enabling 24/7 support for forces in the field.
Team ACSIM works with the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the joint and Army staffs, and all land-holding commands to synchronize installation programs that meet combatant commander strategic objectives.
Team ACSIM programs resources for critical infrastructure and services, including housing in South Korea, ranges and pre-positioned stock sites in Germany, and training complexes in Bulgaria and Romania.
Team ACSIM works with the Army secretariats to establish policies and programs that enable partnerships to modernize infrastructure and services.
Team ACSIM and the Army secretariats also partnered successfully to gain new authorities for sharing municipal services with host communities.
Team ACSIM partners with land-holding commands to deliver Soldier and family programs that enhance resiliency and increase readiness.
Through Army senior leader approval, ACSIM allocates funds each year to improve and modernize barracks and family housing.
Other services and infrastructure resourced by the ACSIM team and delivered by the land-holding commands increase individual readiness by building resiliency throughout the force.
details of a Scope of Work (SOW) contingent on ACSIM approval of the