ACSIMAssistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management (US Army)
ACSIMAssistant Chief of Staff for Information Management
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The board will recommend a strategic plan, prepared by ACSIM, that outlines goals and objectives.
The outbrief emphasized that BRAC is a "team event" involving multiple players in support of CASCOM's efforts: the DA staff, ACSIM, the Army Installation Management Command, AMC, TRADOC, the Army Human Resources Command, the Army Corps of Engineers, other garrisons, the Marine Corps, the Air Force, and the signal and information technology community.
ACSIM and its subordinate organizations focus on the concerns specific to military installations.
Determine and Streamline the Overlap of Functions/Staff in ACSIM, HQ IMA, HQ CSFC, and "G-1 Well-Being": This initiative proposes to review the different organizations with responsibility for well-being functions, which are currently shared among several different organizations.