ACSJCAustralian Catholic Social Justice Council
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Meanwhile, in partnership with Caritas Australia and with Dr Hull as its author, the ACSJC in 1996 published Mai Kolia Tetun--A Beginner's Course in Tetum-Praca, the Lingua Franca of East Timor.
Unfortunately, there is no denying the truth in Bishop Deakin's remark that, because of still not fully resolved demarcation disputes, there were 'long-standing tensions between Caritas Australia and the ACSJC (page 271), although at times they were not evident.
Having known Bill Brennan and his attitude very well, I believe he thought that Deakin, as one of its members, and CA, together with the ACSJC, its two subsidiary bodies, should defer to the BCJDP.
The booklet formed part of a joint submission by the BCJDP and the ACSJC to the Senate Community Affairs Reference Committee Inquiry into Poverty and Financial Hardship.
With the ACSJC, it gives attention every year to the annual Social Justice Sunday statements.
All of this impacted strongly on the work of Australian Catholic Relief, which had changed its name to Caritas Australia in 1996, and also to a degree on the work of the ACSJC and (more recently) CEA.
The ACSJC has been led by Bishops Brennan (twice), Manning, Morris and Saunders, while the chairing of CEA has been the task of Archbishop Bathersby and now Bishop Toohey.
The ACSJC has produced a most impressive collection of papers, newsletters, booklets, media releases and other educational and promotional materials, while building a significant network of contacts throughout this country.