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ACSLAdvanced Continuous Simulation Language
ACSLAdvanced Continuous Simulation Language (AEgis Technologies Group, Inc.)
ACSLAmerican Computer Science League
ACSLAssistant Cub Scout Leader
ACSLAltocumulus Standing Lenticular Clouds (often confused for UFOs)
ACSLAlternate Crops and Systems Laboratory
ACSLAbrams Common Software Library (US Army)
ACSLAssociation Control Service Element
ACSLAsociación de Caridad San Lucas (San Lucas, Guatemala Association of Charity)
ACSLAdvanced Chemical Science Laboratory (US National Institute of Standards and Technology)
ACSLAsian CounterStrike Source League (gaming)
ACSLAnalytical Chemistry Services Laboratory
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ACSLs and fatty acid transport proteins (FATPs) are thought to be essential for the intracellular uptake and transport of fatty acids [15, 16].
As knowledge of the role of the ACSL remains insufficient, the aim of the present study is to review the most recent observations concerning the factors exerting an influence on suprascapular neuropathy development.
ACSL5, a unique ACSL isoform that is the only isoform to localize on mitochondria, also differs from other family members in its tissue distribution(Mashek, Li, et al., 2006).
Acetyl-Coenzyme A Synthetase (ACeCS 1) and Acyl-Coenzyme Synthetase (ACSL 1) were investigated in flies exposed to coconut oil (10% and 20%) in the diet during seven days.
In addition, he and his team at ACSL developed a modified version of RTM, known as Lambo RTM.
The first step toward major reform that originated from the ACSL was a reweighting of the cost-of-living index in 1935 on the basis of an analysis by Margaret Hogg, a British academic assigned by the ACSL to help revise the index.
Gauthier, "Advanced continuous simulation language (ACSL)," Simulation, vol.
Fatty acids must be activated by acyl-CoA synthethetase (ACSL) prior to their use in triacylglycerol synthesis The BMET microarray contains several ACSL isoforms.
The Association of School and College Leaders (ACSL) said it fully endorsed the move, having "advocated" it for a decade.
She is also a director of ACSL,a web enterprise providing portals for users of computer expansion and peripheral products and a founder member of the Catalyst Foundation.
* ACSL Model enables engineers to visually program, execute, and analyze simulation models without the need for any explicit programming knowledge.
MGA's Advanced Continuous Simulation Language (ACSL, pronounced "axle") software, which simulates complex nonlinear systems, enables engineers to change relevant coefficients--for instance, temperature, pressure, density, or the coefficient of friction--and to visualize the results on a mechanism or system with the aid of an animation.