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ACSLAdvanced Continuous Simulation Language
ACSLAdvanced Continuous Simulation Language (AEgis Technologies Group, Inc.)
ACSLAmerican Computer Science League
ACSLAssistant Cub Scout Leader
ACSLAltocumulus Standing Lenticular Clouds (often confused for UFOs)
ACSLAlternate Crops and Systems Laboratory
ACSLAbrams Common Software Library (US Army)
ACSLAssociation Control Service Element
ACSLAdvanced Chemical Science Laboratory (US National Institute of Standards and Technology)
ACSLAsociación de Caridad San Lucas (San Lucas, Guatemala Association of Charity)
ACSLAsian CounterStrike Source League (gaming)
ACSLAnalytical Chemistry Services Laboratory
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ACSL5, a unique ACSL isoform that is the only isoform to localize on mitochondria, also differs from other family members in its tissue distribution(Mashek, Li, et al.
We, as ACSL, are a supplier of knowledge, not a supplier of parts and cars," Feraboli says.
The first step toward major reform that originated from the ACSL was a reweighting of the cost-of-living index in 1935 on the basis of an analysis by Margaret Hogg, a British academic assigned by the ACSL to help revise the index.
As more engineers need to design electromechanical systems simultaneously, they are using tools such as ACSL to simulate the functioning of mechanisms controlled by firmware.
The ACSL has already contributed significantly to Lamborghini's impact in certification methodology for carbon fiber composite materials.
Using a combination of Patran as a pre- and postprocessor for Nastran finite element analyses and the ACSL systems dynamics software, engineers significantly modified one of the machine's mechanisms.
With more than 80 FDA submissions, DOCRO is an experienced CRO that provides ACSL customers with a clear path and understanding of how to commercialize IVD products.
Model differential equations (provided in Appendix) are solved using ACSL (Advanced Continuous Simulation Language) version 11.
Le amending this notice is the addition of a file containing the ACSL heritage list.
Natick, MA) and ACSL Tox (ACSL, Advanced Continuous Simulation Language; AEgis Technologies Group, Inc.
The State of California inspector gave ACSL permission to begin offering microarray-based molecular diagnostic patient and clinical trial testing services.