ACSLSAutomatic Cartridge System Library Software
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FalconStor VTL Storage Solutions with optional DPM 2007 to IBM 3494 and Sun StorageTek ACSLS library integration are available now through FalconStor's valued Solution Provider partners.
LEGATO's commitment to provide open solutions in heterogeneous environments is reinforced with DX 2000's improved integration and support for IBM Tivoli TSM and StorageTek ACSLS 7.
ACSLS is a trademark and StorageTek is a registered trademark of Storage Technology Incorporated.
NYSE:STK), ACSLS is a library-enablement application that functions as the central service provider for all library operations.
VaultShare's ACSLS support allows our mutual customers to utilize the full capacity and high performance associated with their market leading StorageTek Libraries as a scalable repository for the information resources being managed by NetVault.
The extension of Galaxy support for ACSLS enables customers to store and retrieve data from the entire family of StorageTek Tape Libraries -- from the L-series to the enterprise-class PowderHorn libraries.
The addition of ACSLS support in Galaxy adds StorageTek PowderHorn 9310 library support and enables Galaxy to share library resources with other applications through ACSLS release 6.
Enhancements to Galaxy's media management results in increased flexibility and control -- via ACSLS -- of backup libraries, drives and media that is comprehensive, automated and transparent.