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ACSNAspartame Consumer Safety Network
ACSNAmeriCorps State and National
ACSNAmerican College of Surgical Neurophysiology
ACSNAdvance Change/Study Notice
ACSNAdvanced Computer Systems and Networks (conference)
ACSNAdvanced Change Study Notice
ACSNAssociation of Canadian Studies in the Netherlands
ACSNAsian Cropping Systems Network
ACSNAnti-Corruption Student Network (South East Europe)
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The current study proposes a compressed sensing-based multiple-target tracking algorithm (CSMTTA) for ACSN and adopts the method of sparse sampling signal reconstruction and forecasting evaluating node group to improve the accuracy and efficiency of target tracking.
In this study, the element of observation matrix [PHI] [member of] [R.sup.MxN] (M << N) is defined as [[phi].sub.m,n] in ACSN, where m is the mth mobile target in the monitored area (1 [less than or equal to] m [less than or equal to] M), and n is the nth camera sensor node in the network (1 [less than or equal to] n [less than or equal to] N).
In this set of simulation experiments, the behavior of the ACSN is analyzed when the target speed is varied.
(107.) ACSN, Fonds Memoires (1970-1972), Belzile, Niveau de vie adequat, 1971, 20.
ACSN spokesman Syed Nasir Mosawi told reporters in Kabul that there was no need for a Loya Jirga on the BSA in the existence of parliament and provincial councils.
(4) "The Archbishop of Canterbury's Commission", in ACSN, no.
For quotation: ACSN, CSN, Proces-verbal, bureau confederal, 31 October 1976, 34.