ACSOSAnimation Competence Serum of Success
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The amount of alk(en)yl-sulfenic acids (the lachrymator factor) was closely linked to the concentration of the aroma precursors: S-alkenyl cysteine sulfoxides (ACSOs).
Signatories to the petition, addressed to the AU Peace and Security Council, included Nine Ngok Dinka Chiefdoms in the area, Abyei civil Society Organisations (ACSOs),Abyei Community Organisation in Juba, Abyei Youth Union (AYU) -- Abyei area, Abyei Women Union (AWN) -- Abyei area, Abyei Universities' Students Associations (ABUISA), Abyei Chamber of Commerce (ACC) -- Abyei area, Abyei Pastoralists' Union (APU) -- Abyei area, Abyei Teachers' Union (ATU) -- Abyei area and Abyei Human Rights Society (AHRS).
The Intent Of This Request For Interest (RFI) Is To Search For Qualified And Experienced Firms Capable Of Providing Inmate Educational, Vocational, And Substance Abuse Programs For The Alameda County Sheriffs Office (ACSO).