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ACSRAluminum Conductor, Steel Reinforced (cable)
ACSRAccredited Customer Service Representative
ACSRAIDS and Cancer Specimen Resource (San Francisco, CA)
ACSRAvid Certified Support Representative
ACSRAutomatic Child Seat Recognition System (car safety; various companies)
ACSRAustralian Corporations and Securities Reports (Australia)
ACSRAdvanced Customer Service Representative
ACSRAdvisory Committee on Shareholder Responsibility
ACSRAlgebra of Communicating Shared Resources
ACSRAll China Strategic Research
ACSRAssociation Canadienne des Sciences Régionales (French: Canadian Regional Science Association)
ACSRAdelaide Centre for Spinal Research (Australia)
ACSRAnnual Cancer Statistics Review
ACSRAnomaly Status Change Request
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What was new, however, was the ACSR mission of procuring specimens to be used by investigators at that institution as well as by individuals from outside the institution, outside SA, and even outside Africa.
The SSA RBR would be unique within the ACSR in that investigators desiring specimens from its collection would need to be African or collaborating with an African researcher.
The ACSR encourages successful recipients of ACSR samples to share their findings with the ACSR to enrich the remaining specimens' value.
For this purpose, the SSA RBR has developed a marketing and promotion strategy that is based on established ACSR principles but specifically directed at various SA target groups.
A further responsibility taken on by the ACSR and its role of custodianship is the reporting of data found by investigators utilising ACSR specimens.
The sensor based on MFL principle for detecting broken steel strands in ACSR cable is composed of magnetic source, magnetic conductor, data acquisition card, array of Hall elements and corresponding signal conditioning circuits.
delta]] is the magnetic conductance of the air gap between the inner surface of permanent-magnet and external surface of the steel strands in ACSR cable.
s] is the flux of steel strands in ACSR cable (in Wb), and the flux can be expressed as:
Then the magnetic induction density of steel strands in ACSR cable can be calculated as:
Our partnership with ACSR merges the best of Millward Brown's global research expertise with the very best local market skills.
The merger will also provide a much bigger platform for ACSR staff members, with opportunities to further their professional goals.
Millward Brown ACSR will report into Millward Brown's regional Africa Asia Pacific management structure based in Singapore.