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ACSTAustralian Central Standard Time (time zone)
ACSTAsymptomatic Carotid Surgery Trial (UK; Medical Research Council)
ACSTAdvisory Council on Science and Technology (Canada, PM)
ACSTAdvanced Contingency Skills Training (US Air Force)
ACSTAvon Community Swim Team (Indiana)
ACSTAgni Computer Security Technologies
ACSTAccredited Committee Secretary-Treasurer (OACA)
ACSTAirborne Communications Specialist Technician
ACSTArmy Clerical Speed Test
ACSTAssociation of Consulting Science and Technology
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I'm very glad that I had the training and weapons familiarization from ACST.
Through courses like ACST, Airmen are getting the training they need to make it home safely.
14) La Real Cedula del 2 de abril, la licencia del Nuncio Apostolico y la licencia y provision de la ciudad de Palencia, del 9 de mayo, les fueron entregadas a dichos escribanos el primero de mayo de ese ano de 1608; ACST, doc.
hemos encontrado un ejemplar de esta primera impresion en el ACST, doc.
It is measured by the ACST BR assay from Chiron Diagnostics (Walpole, MA) as well as by the FDA approved Truquantr BRT assay from Biomira Diagnostics (Toronto, Canada).
Interested individuals can make their views known via the ACST website at http://acst-ccst.
Triad is committed to both accelerating commercialization of ACST technology and diversifying its future potential earnings base.
Accordingly, I am taking the next step towards demonstrating that ACST has several exciting potential commercial applications, most notably in the gas/vapor dehydration, solvents separations, and seawater desalination and waste water treatment industries.
The next ABA beneficial grant funding round will open at 8:00am ACST on Monday 31 July 2017 and close at 5:00pm ACST on Monday 28 August 2017.
The rocket launch is scheduled for 12:41am ACST on Wednesday 19 April from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.
Written objections must be lodged no later than 6pm ACST Friday 7 October 2016.