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ACT UPAIDS Coalition to Unleash Power
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However, these compassionate use laws came long after a globally impactful critique of compassionate use and regulated medical research mounted by ACT UP in the late 1980s.
ACT UP immediately laid out an agenda to address the group's central goal: "drugs into bodies." Shouldn't there be a national policy on aids?
I c an't think of another anthology, however useful for information, especially for educational texts, that has the feel of art, as does From Act Up to the WTO.
But as the demographics of AIDS in the United States changed, so too did ACT UP's constituency.
In the politically minded street theater of ACT UP in the late 1980s, the audience is no longer called to just bear witness but to also take action and be ashamed of their sins, a la Polonius, or force the powers that be to respond, a la Hieronimo's assault on the Spanish monarchy.
When the story is told it begins like this: ACT UP grew out of a question posed by playwright Larry Kramer to a crowded room at New York's Gay and Lesbian Community Center one night in 1987.
Typical of these groups, ACT UP's aims are neither limited to nor centered on the conventional goals of electoral, legislative, legal, and material gains.
biomedical research: It is the first time people with a disease have been given an official forum to voice their opinion on a potential treatment prior to its actual development; the first time nonscientists with a political agenda have sat as voting members with power to question scientists on their data; the first time the federal government has publicly demonstrated what activist groups like ACT UP have been saying all along, that people with AIDS (P.W.A.s) know better than anybody else what they need in terms of treatment.
ACT UP's Peter Staley, who appears in the current issue, talked about having shut down the New York Stock Exchange.
Bill Olander, the curator at the New Museum, came to an ACT UP meeting with a proposal that ACT UP use the museum s window on Broadway for a visual demonstration.
As the casualties soared and the Reagan Administration repeatedly shelved issues like education and funding, ACT UP became the ultimate grass-roots organization, a coalition of people literally fighting for their lives to obtain experimental drugs entangled in red tape by a government whose agenda was quickly revealed by its inertia and inefficiency.