ACTDSAutomatically Cued Target Detecting System
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With this study, we aimed to increase the understanding of malpractice claims associated with the management of RA or other ACTDs.
Since their inception in 1995, the Department of Defense's Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration (ACTD) and Joint Capability Technology Demonstration (JCTD) programs have deployed critically needed warfighting solutions to every major theater.
CHIPS: Do you work with industry, the universities and the naval research centers to transition ACTDs?
The CASPOD ACTD is a result of years of research and preparation.
ACTDs, initiatives approved by the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) to demonstrate mature or emerging technologies as solutions for critical operational needs, complement USSOCOM technology efforts.
"Many ACTDs are based on advanced technologies which may permit, or even demand, new CONOPS, tactics, and doctrine in order to realize their maximum potential.
Under an earlier FTTS competition that was not part of the ACTD, four companies (Oshkosh, Stewart & Stevenson, United Defense and GPV) received contracts to develop concepts, and demonstrate hybrid propulsion, C-130 transportability and pit-stop maintenance.
Some $70-100 million has been authorized for the first three years of the ACTD program, plus two years of sustainment.
Advanced Concept Technology Demonstrations (ACTDS) allow users to gain understanding of proposed new capabilities for which there is no user experience base.
Mubadala has recently combined its Aerospace, Communications Technology and Defence Services, or ACTDS, business units to maximise the potential of their shared partnerships.
ACTDs did final demonstrations in three to four years.