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ACTelAlliance for Competition in Telecommunications
ACTELAccess Telephone Number
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By giving customers first-hand access to Actel resources and worldwide inventory, this new sales channel will better serve customers whose needs are not currently being met through full-service distributors.
With the announcement of immediate availability of the low-cost starter kit and our A3P250 device, Actel continues to execute its plan to rollout the ProASIC3/E family, the industry's only true flash-based FPGA solution," said Martin Mason, director of flash product marketing, Actel.
ACTEL has a $835 million plan to build a continent-wide, satellite-based wireless communications network enabling Africans to place or receive phone calls, pages, faxes or data from any location on earth.
Our customers have greatly benefited from our existing ModelSim OEM agreement with Mentor, which makes accessible to them an industry-standard advanced FPGA verification environment," said Rich Brossart, vice president, product marketing at Actel.
FlashPro4 provides our flash FPGA customers with the latest hardware technology for performing both hardware design implementation and software program implementation for embedded processor designs," said Wendy Lockhart, senior manager, design solutions, Actel.
The Actel ProASIC3 Evaluation Kit contains a single-chip A3P1000 FPGA, power supply, tutorials and support documentation in addition to the board.
Actel's customers are the big winners with this expanded OEM agreement," said Dennis Kish, senior vice president of marketing and sales at Actel.
Additionally, these changes enable Actel to swiftly scale its support for new adopters of its recently announced SmartFusion(TM) intelligent mixed signal FPGA.
Based on what our own customers tell us, and on our detailed econometric studies, ACTel has long known that the proposed mergers are bad for the business community," said XO's Heather Gold.
Actel space-flight FPGAs are used in many satellite and spacecraft applications developed by many companies around the world and have been flown in many hundreds of satellites in the past 17 years.
Synplicity believes the Synplify Pro software enables users of Actel devices, including RTAX4000S, to obtain a higher level of protection for devices operating in a high-energy, ion-heavy environment.
With over 20 years of commitment to and innovation in the space and avionics industry, Actel continues to be the leader in radiation-tolerant FPGAs.