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ACTERAssociation for Career and Technical Education Research (est. 1966)
ACTERA Center for Theatre, Education, and Research
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Organizations such as ACTE and ACTER could possibly be the best place to begin the suggested process.
A BIRMINGHAM councillor put his body on the line to promote boxing as a char- acter building pastime.
The lads showed great acter because there is a bug doing the rounds and I may have to give them a few days off to recover.
Police say it is out of char- acter for him not to contact his family.
Anna's Duck Hu acter wh " Four Weddings is one of the highest-grossing British films ever, making huge stars of itsFace was jilted twice by Hugh's character Charles, who then fell for Carrie, played by Andie.
What thrill to get to view our anet through his eyes, if you and to relate to Tip, the acter Rihanna voices, in the hat he does.
acter figures will be going under the In what promises to be an emotional couple of days for their 44-year-old owner Craig Stevens, 75 packaged character figures will be going under the hammer during a two-part sale at Vectis Auctions in Stockton.
[beaucoup moins que]Les commissions semblent se borner a acter les decisions deja prises avant qu'elles ne se reunissent et ne jouent qu'un role d'enregistrement[beaucoup plus grand que], conclut la mission conjointe.
L'option d'un gouvernement [beaucoup moins que]resserre[beaucoup plus grand que], constitue d'une dizaine de portefeuilles, est juge ineluctable pour acter un [beaucoup moins que]changement de personne sans changement de la ligne politique[beaucoup plus grand que], selon la formule du politologue Jerome Sainte-Marie.