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ACTERAssociation for Career and Technical Education Research (est. 1966)
ACTERA Center for Theatre, Education, and Research
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Information from ACTeRS scales has helped me treat these children, but I prefer to have both parents, if possible, independently complete the form.
According to Patricia, Michael was "diagnosed" with ADHD on the basis of the Acters Profile for Boys, a widely used checklist for behavior disorders.
It is set in the South, and some of the char acters in it talk about their faith in God and their responsibility as Christians; they mention prayer as an everyday occurrence.
Of these, 7 schools replied and were given ACTeRs questionnaires, giving ratings of attention and hyperactivity (Ullman, Sleator, & Sprague, 1984 - see below) and asked to complete these for at least 30 boys, 15 of whom should demonstrate good attention and 15 poor attention.