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ACTERAssociation for Career and Technical Education Research (est. 1966)
ACTERA Center for Theatre, Education, and Research
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According to Patricia, Michael was "diagnosed" with ADHD on the basis of the Acters Profile for Boys, a widely used checklist for behavior disorders.
It is set in the South, and some of the char acters in it talk about their faith in God and their responsibility as Christians; they mention prayer as an everyday occurrence.
For "east" the eastern variant [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is preferred, whereas [CHINESE CHAR ACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is reserved for the "east wind.
But if Rose was aggressive, Laura was stubborn; and the written record of their battles makes it clear that Laura, though not a "professional writer" like her daughter, nevertheless understood instinctively when to downplay or omit char acters (she wrote Rose in regard to the characters Lena and Docia, "don't stress them, don't play them up" [157]), how to use physical objects (a china shepherdess, a fiddle, a rag doll) as motifs to unite the books in the Little House series, and how to arrange plots in such a way that Pa's many failures were simultaneously acknowledged but repressed in the reader's consciousness.