ACTFAustralian Children's Television Foundation
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ACTFArmy Constructive Training Federation
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ACTFAltitude Control Test Facility
ACTFAmerican Children's Television Festival
ACTFAnti Chronos Task Force
ACTFAdvanced Collective Training Facility
ACTFAeronautical Charting Task Force
ACTFAdvanced Cockpit Training Familiarization
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She produces curriculum-aligned resources that complement ACTF content.
We support teachers in using ACTF content and resources through outreach to schools, regular news updates, and by providing professional learning.
The platelet-mapping cartridge also has 4 channels and performs a platelet-mapping assay containing the following 4 tests: (1) heparinized kaolin with heparinase (HKH), (2) ActF, (3) ADP, and (4) AA.
and the ADAP Crisis Task Force (ACTF) have announced several initiatives that are designed to help state AIDS Drug Assistance Programs (ADAPs) continue to provide access to medicines to people living with HIV.
The sequence of the primers were: ACTF: 5'-GGCATCGTGATG-GACTCCG-3', ACTR: 5'-GCTGGAAGGTGGACAGCGA-3'.
Lobby group the Australian Children's Television Foundation (ACTF) has called on the government to provide a dedicated free-to-air kids' channel, arguing that government funding for their skeins is being wasted.