ACTFASTAgent Characteristics and Toxicology First Aid and Special Treatment (training course)
ACTFASTAdvanced Concepts & Technology Frequency Agile Solid-State Tuner
ACTFASTAir Traffic Control Communications Test Facility and Avionics System Test
ACTFASTAwareness & Confidence Training/Female Assault Safety Training (Louisville, KY)
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We extracted the study population from prespecified pooling of data from ACTFAST 1 and 2, (14,15) which were 12-week, multicenter, prospective, open-label trials that used the same protocol.
The ACTFAST protocol and amendments were approved by appropriately constituted central or local institutional review boards, and all patients gave written informed consent.
(1) Secondary efficacy parameters were described in ACTFAST 1.
Between January 2003 and February 2004, 3634 subjects were screened for ACTFAST l and 2, and 2717 patients were enrolled from 12 countries (Canada, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom).
This substudy of ACTFAST demonstrates that by initiating therapy at doses selected according to baseline LDL-C levels, 81% of statin-free and 60% of statin-treated subjects with diabetes and 78% of statin-free and 57% of statin-treated subjects with MetSyn achieved a target LDL-C of < 100 mg/dL within 6 to 12 weeks.
In contrast to NASDAC, statin-free patients with diabetes or MetSyn in ACTFAST showed better results on 10- and 20-mg doses, because baseline LDL-C was taken into account.
The incidence of clinically elevated AST, ALT, or CK levels in ACTFAST was low and comparable to that reported in meta-analyses (0.96%).
ACTFAST suggests that, in patients with diabetes or MetSyn, initiation of atorvastatin at a dose appropriate for the required level of LDL-C reduction would facilitate achievement of LDL-C targets.
de Feresa E, et al Effect of individualizing starting doses of a statin according to baseline LDL-cholesterol levels on achieving cholesterol targets: The Achieve Cholesterol Targets Fast with Atorvastatin Stratified Titration (ACTFAST) study.