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ACTHAdrenocorticotrophic Hormone
ACTHAdrenocorticotropin Hormone
ACTHAdventures Close to Home (record label)
ACTHAssociation of Canadian Teaching Hospitals
ACTHArbitrary Correction To Hit
ACTHAluminium Cast House Technology (Conference)
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ACTH levels were performed and the result was elevated serum ACTH levels 205pg/ml (ref: 0-46pg/ml).
The gold standard diagnostic test for Addison's is an ACTH stimulation test to evaluate adrenal function.
He was followed up regularly in outpatient department showing normal ACTH and serum electrolytes, and was thriving well.
Multi-center long-term follow-up of children with idiopathic West syndrome: ACTH versus vigabatrin.
ACTH (adrenocorticotrophic hormone) is the hormone that can overstimulate production of Cortisol by the adrenal glands leading to Cushing's disease.
A recent systematic review of adrenal fatigue has recommended that prospective studies should correlate symptoms with a standard-dose synthetic ACTH stimulation test.
The pre- and post-treatment blood pressure, blood sugar, cortisol, and ACTH values of the patients were compared to investigate the systemic effects of intratympanic steroids.
The endocrinological analysis revealed serum cortisol 8.98 ug/dl, elevated ACTH (16.0pg/ml), raised testosterone level (18.5ng/ml), markedly elevated serum 17-hydroxyprogesterone (>20ng/ml), estrogen 140pg/ml, progesterone 4209ng/dl, FSH 0.05mIU/ml, and LH 0.05 mIU/ml.
This preliminary study identified 10.3% of the BD and 33.3% of the AS patients with high 17-OH-P levels following ACTH stimulation.
In particular, plasma aldosterone was lower in patients with pituitary CS (P = 0.0040) and ectopic ACTH secretion (P = 0.0230) than in those in whom CS was excluded (Table 2).