ACTIDAdvanced Concepts Test Integration Directorate
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The reduction in HbAlc through diet and exercise in the Early ACTID study was comparable to the effect of sitagliptin and metformin among patients who had received no previous treatment for type 2 diabetes.
Activity volume in these Early ACTID participants was substantially lower than in overweight and obese nondiabetic participants in a prior University of Bristol study of daily physical activity patterns in 84 adults employed in sedentary occupations.
Upon delivery, the Canadian Department of National Defense (DND) will conduct a certification of the rangeless pods and ACTIDs.
Astra continues to be an excellent partner and their ongoing commitment to CytoTherapeutics will enable us to expand the potential applications of our technology and to expedite the development of ACTID toward commercialization.
formerly OTC: ATVI and ACTID, announced today that it began trading on the NASDAQ Small Capitalization Market, Friday, Oct.