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ACTINAlternative Crops Technology Interaction Network (UK)
ACTINAcquis Communautaire Training Initiative (postal integration program, European Union)
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The published study gives the first clear details of how binding sites of CaMKII act to align actin filaments into long, rigid bundles.
Energid licenses Actin as a cross-platform software toolkit and provides integration services to help its customers get to market quickly.
Further, these mutations were thought to affect how actin binds to other proteins and on actin stability, which could severely affect development of the eye in the womb, scientists explained.
Titin is considered a giant muscular protein and is the third most abundant protein in skeletal muscle (after actin and myosin).
As shown in Figure 1C, a thin layer of actin was distributed uniformly around the zygote cortex from animal to vegetal pole.
In that case, the characteristics of the substrate may generate a reaction inside the cells, and the reaction is led by a reorganization of the F-actin structuring and the modulation of actin dynamics, like polymerization/ depolymerization cycles.
To measure the mechanics of muscle myosin, the two ends of an actin filament are attached to optically trapped beads, and the actin filament is then brought into contact with a single myosin molecule fixed onto the surface of a glass pedestal.
Proteome analysis has revealed that (i) the cytonemes contain bactericides of primary and secondary secretory granules, cytoplasmic proteins such as actin cytoskeleton and S100 proteins, and energy-metabolizing (presumably glycolytic) enzymes and (ii) the content of cytonemes does not depend on agent inducing their formation [20, 21].
ACTB was implicated as associated with the phenotype after postmortem brain examinations revealing abundant proteinaceous inclusions that stained positively for actin and cofilin, the actin regulatory protein [6].