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ACTLAmerican College of Trial Lawyers (Irvine, California)
ACTLAmsterdam Centre for Tax Law (Netherlands)
ACTLAction Computation Tree Logic
ACTLActive Control
ACTLAccess Carrier Terminal Location
ACTLActivation Library
ACTLAutomated Compatibility Test Laboratory
ACTLAccess Customer's Terminal Location (US West)
ACTLAssociation Cultural Turkey-Luxembourg
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Lauderdale helped recruit other ACTL Fellows to serve as volunteer judges.
This was a wonderful experience for the ACTL attorneys," James said.
The Foundation helped connect the ACTL and Florida Legal Services after Darryl Bloodworth, chairman of the Florida Access to Justice Committee for ACTL, approached the Foundation looking to start a pro bono project for fellows.
Grunewald said feedback from the ACTL Fellows offers the legal aid lawyers an unparalleled training experience.
ACTL Fellow Kimberly Cook of Miami volunteered to serve as a judge for the seminar.
James believes the trial training seminar gives ACTL Fellows an opportunity to make a positive impact.
2] pipeline the ACTL as follows: "Cast your mind way back to 1954, when the Alberta Government was under pressure to allow the export of natural gas via federally incorporated pipelines.
We consider assumptions and guarantees in both [inverted] ACTL and in the more expressive [inverted] ACTL*.
It is shown there that with every [inverted] ACTL formula [Psi] one can associate a maximal model [M.
We then show how performing fair model checking over maximal models can solve the satisfiability, validity, and implication problems for [inverted] ACTL and [inverted] ACTL*.
We prove that the problem is PSPACE-complete for [inverted] ACTL and is EXPSPACE-complete for [inverted] ACTL*.
The logic [inverted] ACTL is defined similarly, as the restricted subset of CTL that allows the universal path quantifier only.