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ACTN1Actinin, Alpha1
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Interestingly, except NuMA1 itself, actin-like proteins such as ACTN1, ACTN4, and actin cytoplasmic 2 were found to bind with short isoform of NuMA.
Using 50kb flanking regions in the analysis of EAs, the top-ranked (#1) risk pathway was the 'cell-extracellular matrix interactions' pathway (RSU1, LIMS1, LIMS2, ARHGEF6, FERMT2, ACTN1, BLIM1, FLNC, ITGB1, PXN, FLNA, VASP, ILK, TESK1, PARVB, and PARVA) (p < 2.0E-4).
Em humanos quatro genes sao responsaveis pela traducao da a-actinina (ACTN1, 2, 3 e 4), sendo as isoformas 2 e 3 constituintes do citoesqueleto muscular.