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ACTRAssociation for Canadian Theatre Research
ACTRAssistant Contract Technical Representative (NMCI liaison)
ACTRAcquisition Cycle Time Reduction
ACTRAcquired Commercial Technology for Retrieval
ACTRAmerican Council of Teachers of Russian
ACTRAmerican Consulting Technology and Research (Provo, UT)
ACTRA Christmas To Remember
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ACRO), has entered into a definitive agreement to sell ACTR and assign its guarantee of ACTR's liabilities to ACE Limited or one of its subsidiaries (ACE).
AC ACTR TRES ESS Joan C l olli lins has f l ollowed in ACTRESS Joan Collins has followed in the footsteps of sister Jackie by writing a blockbuster.
Additionally, the 'AA' IFS rating of ACE Capital Title Reinsurance Company (ACTR) has been placed on Rating Watch Evolving until such time as Fitch has a better understanding of the support to be provided to ACTR in the future.