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ACTTActors College of Theatre and Television (Australia)
ACTTAircraft Total Time (aviation)
ACTTAssertive Community Treatment Teams
ACTTAssociation of Cinematograph, Television and Allied Technicians (UK)
ACTTAccreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago (Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, WI)
ACTTArkansas Cycle Touring and Training
ACTTAssociation of Classroom Teacher Testers (Montecito, CA)
ACTTAdvanced Communications Timekeeping Technology
ACTTAdvanced Centers for Technology and Training
ACTTASEAN Communication Team for Tourism
ACTTAffordable Computers and Technology for Tanzania (Moshi, Tanzania)
ACTTAir and Command Tactical Trainers
ACTTAssociation of Cinematography and Television Technicians
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The Houston, Texas-based compressor and engine optimization firm has now reorganized the ACTT unit as the CECO Training & Technical Services Division.
"It is much easier for students to learn where to go for tutoring since all the tutors are in one place," says Byron Drew, director of libraries and of the ACTT Center.
At the highest temperature of 19.2[degrees]C, the fertilized eggs rapidly reached the 2- and 4-cell stages at 10 and 44 min ACTT, respectively, became motile blastulae at 10 h ACTT, and developed further into early gastrulae (Fig.
ACTT is not alone in using such important industry-recognized certifications to validate the success of computer training and provide trainees with valued credentials that expose them to valuable employment and educational opportunities.
Third, under the Indian Self-Determination Actt, an increasing number of service units are becoming IHS sites operated by tribal governments that may choose not to report diabetes cases to the IHS outpatient database.
That week, Johnson also sent f5 to his Union strike fund, to aid ACTT members locked out in the long-running Kodak Hemel Hempstead dispute.
ACTT: Association of Cinematograph, Television, and Allied Technicians (now merged with BETA)
(1.) The Tax Reform Actt of 1986 increased the proportion of the current year's liabilities that must be paid through either withholding or estimated tax payments from 80 percent to 90 percent effective from tax year, 1987.
Pursuant to this goal, it has begun cultivating linkages with the Association of Cinematograph, Television, and Allied Technicians (ACTT).
THE STAFF AT THE ASSOCIATION or Career and Technical Education (ACTT) not only organizes CTE Month[R] and encourages ACTE members and career and technical education (CTE) professionals across the country to open their doors and engage in outreach with the community, but they also "walk the talk: too, by visiting a CTE school in the Washington.
ACTT Anderson Consulting/Training & Testing Analytical Mud Solutions ATCO Emissions Management Beta Machinery Analysis C-FER Technologies CECO Pipeline Services Co.