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ACTTActors College of Theatre and Television (Australia)
ACTTAircraft Total Time (aviation)
ACTTAssertive Community Treatment Teams
ACTTAssociation of Cinematograph, Television and Allied Technicians (UK)
ACTTAccreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago (Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, WI)
ACTTArkansas Cycle Touring and Training
ACTTAssociation of Classroom Teacher Testers (Montecito, CA)
ACTTAdvanced Communications Timekeeping Technology
ACTTAdvanced Centers for Technology and Training
ACTTASEAN Communication Team for Tourism
ACTTAffordable Computers and Technology for Tanzania (Moshi, Tanzania)
ACTTAir and Command Tactical Trainers
ACTTAssociation of Cinematography and Television Technicians
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ACTT Anderson Consulting/Training & Testing Advantica Allied Corrosion Industries, Inc.
Respecto a la variable V3, Manifestacion de capacidad para trabajar productivamente con otros, que se evalua en funcion de las variables independientes SEM, TALL y ACTT, tambien se evidencia mejora.
The introduction of the ACTT computer-integrated program into the education force here has required a risk investment and the acceptance of a concept once alien to the college district.
Keesee continued, "The ultimate goal of the survey and this campaign is to create the ACTT Guide to Allergies and Immunotherapy, a detailed clinic reference guide which we hope will become a useful resource for all veterinarians and clinic staff to better meet the needs of their allergic pet population.
Based on SMIC's 55nm eFlash process, ACTT successfully launched a low-power IoT platform that provides a power saving as well as cost-effective solution to global customers.
OB Pharmaceuticals 67 ACT Teleconferencing ACTT Telecommunications Inc.
There is a possibility that Scopa may meet with the political leadership of the ACTT because the Committee has a feeling that there is a lack of political leadership over the process to make its impact felt on the ground and in the eyes of the public.
ACTT, a division of Compressor Engineering Corporation (CECO), announced the launch of Emissions Test Success, an emissions-testing, diagnostic, and remediation service at the GMRC in Albuquerque, NM.
Questar retained ACTT to investigate the likely cause of the frequent failures.
Author: Randy Anderson, Principal Consultant of Anderson Consulting Training & Testing (ACTT), owned ACTT prior to its acquisition by CECO in 1999.
Booth/Stand: 441 Ticker Symbol & Exchange: ACTT.