ACTTSAir Combat Training and Test System
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ACTTS gene of three Alternaria spp isolate AWR; AYC and ARC was amplified from isolated DNA of mycelium using PCR reaction mixture and specific primer sets.
Detection of epitope sequences of the Alternaria ACTTS gene
For prediction of the linear B-cell epitopes in the ACTTS protein primary amino acids sequence, BCPREDS server was used.
The antigenicity profile of the amino acid residues of the ACTTS protein demonstrated the residue of high frequency to be part in the genetic determinant (fig.
isolated from small grains (yellow corn, white rice and red corn) using the mycotoxins gene was performed and the ACTTS gene sequence analysis allowed for coupled identification and mycotoxins screening in the three Alternaria isolates.
Amino acid residues of ACTTS protein in ARC (A), AWR (B) and ARC (C) showing predicted as epitopes (Red) that are highlighted
Kolaskar and Tongaonkar antigenicity scale for prediction of antigenic determinants in ACTTS protein in ARC (A), AWR (B) and AYC (C).
Make sure the ACTTS is under negative pressure (10-30 Pa) relative to the lab space.
Clean the specimen hold and VOC generator, and flush the ACTTS.
A multichannel air-cleaning technology test system (ACTTS) was developed and used to evaluate the performance of eleven sorbent media for removing seven VOCs that are often found in the indoor environment.