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ACTUAustralian Council of Trade Unions
ACTUAIDS Clinical Trials Unit (Washington University Medical Center, St. Louis, Missouri)
ACTUAssociation of Catholic Trade Unionists
ACTUAustralian Capital Territory Union
ACTUAll China Trade Union (Chinese labor union)
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Ged Kearney president of the ACTU said: "Domestic violence is a whole of society issue and that includes the workplace and employers.
In analysing the response of the ACTU and the three unions in relation to moving to a green economy, the following discussion is divided into three sections.
Lawrence's contribution as ACTU Secretary for five years and as National Secretary of the Liquor, Hospitality and Miscellaneous Union for 17 years was acclaimed by Ged Kearney and Dave Oliver and in a motion of thanks moved by Joe de Bruyn.
Former ACTU Secretary Bill Kelty had also experimented with concurrent (syndicate) sessions, at the 1993 and 1995 Congresses.
The census results will be used to inform future ACTU policy and campaigns as well as provide insights into the working lives of Australians and the issues that are important to them,' said Ged.
These documents prove that the Howard Government has known all along that its industrial relations changes would lead to lower wage rises, cuts in the take home pay of workers and more pressure on working families," says ACTU Secretary Greg Combet.
A key outcome of the Congress was a $ 13 million plan to transform the ACTU into a permanent campaigning organisation that will allow unions to campaign online, on the ground, politically and in the workplace.
The ACTU was reported as planning a $24 million campaign against the reforms, funded by a special levy on all affiliated members of $5.
The article focuses on key issues the ACTU and NZFOL coalition successfully addressed particularly anti-apartheid and anti-nuclear activity which expanded into solidarity with the Pacific region.
This follows a recommendation from the New Zealand CTU that unions here assist the ACTU to re-build funds depleted by its campaign to overturn the anti-worker industrial legislation implemented by the Howard Government.