ACTUPAIDS Coalition To Unleash Power
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As an executive for the gay advocacy group the Gill Foundation, Bruce Brothers already had an interest in politics, but after hearing ACT UP founder Larry Kramer speak at New York's gay community center in 2007, he was inspired to create
ACTUP San Francisco was hijacked in 1993 by conspiracy-theorizing extremists, who now preach that the AIDS epidemic is over and that the real killer of gay men is not HIV, but AIDS medications.
Occasionally this took the form of unconventional participation, primarily through the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACTUP).
A low point came in 1989, when the radical gay-activist group ACTUP, angry at the church's refusal to endorse "safe sex" education and condoms to fight AIDS, disrupted a liturgy at New York's St.
In the fiercest contest seen on the radical circuit this season, PETA versus ACTUP was a classic overtime confrontation between two titans of the left.
ACTUP, for example, the AIDS activist group, finds freedom in its marginal status and its refusal to seek governmental or corporate funds.
Enter the access to medicines campaign, an informal collaboration of Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders), chapters of the AIDS activist group ACTUP, Health GAP, and the Consumer Project on Technology, among other groups.
This was the height of the gays-in-the-military obsession, the beginning of national target-marketing to the gay "community." I went to the March to do direct action with ACTUP, got arrested for universal healthcare, and met my first boyfriend (the one I was kissing in Georgetown), and two other friends who became family.
For those willing to enter what is an admittedly garish form and engage in the kind of "shock tactics" they require (as groups like the Yippies and, more recently, ActUp have always done), the real issue, Gamson argues, is how to focus and redirect the programs away from the divisiveness and combat-for-combat's-sake that producers encourage, toward a recognition of the ways in which all the sexually marginalized among us share common politically and socially engendered problems.