ACTWUAmalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union
ACTWUAtlantic Communication and Technical Workers Union (labor union; Canada)
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349 Executive Board Minutes, 18 February 1945, ACTWU fonds, P5556, AM.
He has worked as a regional and national organizer and director for ACTWU (now UNITE-Here) and created the Laborers' International Union's leading organizing program.
Despite Levi Strauss' efforts to sever the relationship of ACTWU and other unions to Fuerza Unida, many locals continued to support Fuerza Unida, however inconsistently.
In another development, the ILGWU and the ACTWU announced in June that they had agreed to merge to form the International Union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees (UNITE).
An ACTWU staffer likens the merger to a marriage between two problematic partners: "It's a marriage where one party is sloppy and the other curses a lot.
In September, the ACTWU will bargain for more than 45,000 workers in the men's and boys' apparel industry.
Levi entered into the Partnership agreement in 1994 with one of UNITE's predecessor unions, ACTWU (Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers' Union).
The story concludes in Chapters Eight and Nine with the merger of the ACTWU and ILGWU in 1995 to form the Union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees (UNITE), a merger necessitated by rapidly changing conditions in the garment industry resulting from free-trade agreements, technological change, industry restructuring and the incipient deregulation of the sellers side of the labour market.
Everyone is aware of the difficulties facing our workers and the industry," said ACTWU president Jack Sheinkman.
The September agreement between the Cotton Garment Manufacturers and the National Trouser Association covering 101,000 workers represented by the ACTWU dropped their COLA clause which had not yielded any payment since 1981.
In announcing the tentative settlement, Jack Sheinkman, president of ACTWU, said, "The difficulties which face the domestic men's tailored clothing industry and our members has not deterred us from reaching an agreement which has characterized the historic working relationship between our union and the Clothing Manufacturers Association.
Most of these workers were in plants covered by the ACTWU plan, which provides for a 2-week summer vacation for employees with 1 year of service (1 week after 6 months) and a 1-week winter vacation for employees with 1 year of service.