ACTWUAmalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union
ACTWUAtlantic Communication and Technical Workers Union (labor union; Canada)
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349 Executive Board Minutes, 18 February 1945, ACTWU fonds, P5556, AM.
Despite Levi Strauss' efforts to sever the relationship of ACTWU and other unions to Fuerza Unida, many locals continued to support Fuerza Unida, however inconsistently.
For an account of how the ACTWU mobilizes members to work for the union, see Jose La Luz, "Creating a Culture of Organizing: ACTWU's Education for Empowerment," Labor Research Review 17 (1991).
In another development, the ILGWU and the ACTWU announced in June that they had agreed to merge to form the International Union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees (UNITE).
The ACTWU official testifying at the SCIRP hearings in 1979 urged the adoption of a program that would legalize all undocumented workers residing in the United States at that time.
Although there is no union membership among Burlington employees, ACTWU is advising the workers.
We are particularly disgusted by the crocodile tears being shed by Raynor over the alleged attempted 'takeover' by UNITE HERE of valuable assets and real estate which the ILGWU - not Raynor's ACTWU - had brought to the ill-fated 1995 merger between ACTWU and ILGWU which formed UNITE.
Canada is not mentioned until the final pages of the Epilogue, where Pastorello notes that its successor, the ACTWU, played a leadership role, joining with workers in Canada and Mexico, to fight for international workers' rights.
It is not hard to see why ILGWU and ACTWU have decided, after more than 50 years of separate and often competing efforts, to merge.
In February, the ACTWU will bargain for 42,000 workers employed by a group of 15 manufacturers of men's cotton apparel (known as the Cotton Garment Negotiating Group).
Levi entered into the Partnership agreement in 1994 with one of UNITE's predecessor unions, ACTWU (Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers' Union).
Under the direction of ACTWU, Lichtenberg workers voted 413-185 for union representation in April 1988.