ACTWUAmalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union
ACTWUAtlantic Communication and Technical Workers Union (labor union; Canada)
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(124.) Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers' Union (ACTWU) Local no.
As a result, many white workers began to view ACTWU as a "black union." But the author gives little sense of the working lives of white or black employees, and there is no mention of Southern white culture or the possible ways individualistic or religious attitudes of Southern white workers might have shaped their response to union organizing efforts.
At the Unity Organizing Conference in San Francisco, Irene Reyna addressed the difficulties in counting on support from organized labor: Levi's went as far as promising contracts to ACTWU if they would drop support of Fuerza Unida....
Markowitz argues that the "blitz model" employed by the ACTWU involves significant worker participation, in the form of workers organizing their c oworkers and helping to shape strategy over the course of the campaign.
They clearly know who the perpetrators are--the mostly male hierarchy of the ILGWU in Los Angeles and the International headquarters in New York The union leadership must act and willingly recognize the innovative potential of Latina and Chicana leaders to improve the work of the ILGWU that has now merged with the Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union (AcTwu) to form UNITE.
I contemplate these films in the shadow of the defeat of the Union of Needletrades, Industrial, and Textile Employees Union (Unite, the successor to ACTWU) in its attempt to organize Fieldcrest Cannon's North Carolina plants and of the victory of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters in its strike against United Parcel.
The book is presented in nine chapters, followed by notes, and appendices, including a list of the current ACTWU membership and credits for the numerous archival photographs interspersed throughout the volume.
In May, the Clothing Manufacturers Association, a national multi-employer bargaining group, and the ACTWU signed a 3-year agreement covering some 35,000 workers involved in the manufacturing of men's tailored clothing.
ACTWU was a strong advocate of a generous amnesty program.
Although there is no union membership among Burlington employees, ACTWU is advising the workers.
Canada is not mentioned until the final pages of the Epilogue, where Pastorello notes that its successor, the ACTWU, played a leadership role, joining with workers in Canada and Mexico, to fight for international workers' rights.
"Xerox and the ACTWU: Tracing a Transformation in Industrial Relations." In Fred K.