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The research points out that a number of ETFs, including the Global X Guru ETF (GURU), the Global X Guru Activist ETF (ACTX) and the AlphaClone Alternative Alpha (ALFA), are accessible investment vehicles through which individual investors can participate in the hedge fund trends identified in the S&P Capital IQ 2015 Q2 Hedge Fund Tracker.
Solactive announced the launch of the Solactive Guru Activist Index, which tracks the price movements of U.S.-listed equity holdings of a group of activist investors, and Global X added the Global X Guru Activist Index ETF (ACTX), which tracks the Solactive index.
By investing alongside activist investors, ACTX seeks to benefit from their campaigns to unlock shareholder value and generate excess returns over U.S.
(2004) developed codon optimized (omega)- ACTX -Hv1a toxin gene (Hvt) for high level expression in plants.
In the present study the Bt cry1 Ac and Spider Hvt (ACTX) genes with unique mode of actions have been recombined.
Translational fusion of Bt cry1Ac (patent pending) and Spider Hvt (ACTX) gene (Khan et al., 2006), was commercially synthesized from Medigenomics, Germany.
Synthetic cry1Ac fused with the Hvt (ACTX) was amplified (Fig.
EcoR1-HindIII enzymes were used to lift the cry1Ac fused with Hvt (ACTX) gene from the pZSTA.
As recombinant protein is a fusion between cry1Ac and Hvt (ACTX) gene, two separate toxicity assays were carried out.
pZSTA was digested with EcoR1-HindIII to clone the cry1Ac-Hvt (ACTX) genes in frame with the coding TAG sequence of the pET32a(+) as shown in Fig.
This confirmed the cloning of cry1Ac-Hvt (ACTX) genes in pET32a (+).
Three finalists are ActX, GroundMetrics and Retrosense Therapeutics.