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Capriccio Singers' musical director Sue Acty said: "We received an email about it and I took the executive decision to say yes!
Festivities wind up on Sunday, July 19, at 8pm, with a hymn singing festival at Bistre Methodist Chapel, led by the Rev Brian Acty.
Honda plans to recall 129,159 minicars of three models -- the Acty, Vamos and Vamos Hobio -- produced between August 2001 and January this year due to potential engine or door troubles.
Por otra, el afan de comercializacion de los resultados de sus investigaciones, impulsado por medidas como el Bayh Dole Acty sus similares, ha traido como consecuencia un cierre relativo de muchos laboratorios a las pasantias de cientificos de otros paises (Forero, 2005).
Honda used to sell the Acty, Subaru sold the Sumo, Suzuki had the SuperCarry and Vauxhall offered the Rascal.
"Anton said to me that if I mucked up the facial expressions and didn't do the 'acty' bits he wouldn't catch me when I jumped off the stage!" This week Judy and Scott Mills are the bookies' joint favourites to waltz off the show so it's up in the air whether Andy will see his mum strut her stuff.
Runner-up: Area Maint Spt Acty #120 (G), Wilkes-Barre, PA
Filmed by Acty Tang, DVD copy retained by First Physical Theatre Company.
The public will be invited to attend a carol service of dedication for the nativity figures on Monday, December 1, 4pm outside the former Currys, led by the Rev Brian Acty.
(The new plant will produce the front-engined models, Life and Zest, with the existing plant concentrating on the midship-engined models, Acty and Vamos.)
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