ACUMAAmerican Credit Union Mortgage Association (trade organization)
ACUMAAustralian Campus Union Managers' Association
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At ACUMA, we explore these ideas in workshops and conferences.
In a press release from ACUMA, some reasons identified for the gains in market share by credit unions included: consistent underwriting standards; maintaining a high level of trust with credit union members; and "the biggest reason of all--members finally realizing their credit union offers these products.
The ACUMA workshop I was at last week is one example.
Those underlying questions were part of why ACUMA chose to lead the conference with the secondary mortgage reform and its potential impact on credit union mortgage operations.
ACUMA followed Reiss with a panel of CEOs which took up the questions of the impact of GSE reform on CU mortgage operations.
The ACUMA Workshop aims to help credit unions make more mortgage loans.
ACUMA deployed Kalido Group's information integration software, KALIDO(TM) Dynamic Information Warehouse, as the key component of the platform.
ACUMA also provided a dedicated skills transfer program for HBOS and ISO-9000 compliant documentation throughout the implementation.
ACUMA and Kalido Group have enabled us to deliver tangible cost savings and efficiency gains both on time and within budget through their innovative solution.
Ian Hubbard, business development director, ACUMA, commented: "Having worked with Halifax Bank since 1997 we have developed a good understanding of the issues facing HBOS plc.
ACUMA Executive Director Robert Dorsa stressed that marketing mortgages to CU members who generally love their credit unions but who don't associate them with mortgages may be key.
Lord, last year was like a morgue," said ACUMA executive director Robert Dorsa of the October meeting.