ACUNSAcademic Council on the United Nations System
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ACUNS is itself symptomatic of this, in that it connects the normally separate worlds of academe and policy.
We will work with One Earth Future, Lynne Rienner, and ACUNS, but have full editorial control of, and complete editorial independence on, publication decisions.
On the occasion of the establishment of the ACUNS European Center in Marseille, a high-level conference is being organized in order to address humanitarian concerns and global development-related issues.
In sum, international organizations find themselves in a political landscape that differs in many respects from that prevailing twenty-five years ago when ACUNS was founded.
This ACUNS swan song revisits my first book and doctoral dissertation (done under the supervision of my dear friend and mentor Leon Gordenker, who gave the first Holmes Lecture in 1990) along with my most recent book (on which this article draws).
Holmes lecture "Building Peace," given at the ACUNS Annual Meeting in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 9 June 2006.
Charlotte Ku, Global Governance and the Changing Face of International Law, ACUNS Reports and Papers, No.
Andy Knight, Article 2(7) Revisited, ACUNS Reports and Paper No.
We (hopefully along with the ACUNS and UNU [United Nations University] communities) should intensify efforts to attract submissions from outside of North America and Europe, as well as from practitioners and authors with backgrounds other than international relations.