ACUPCCAmerican College University Presidents Climate Commitment
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The decision to sign the ACUPCC agreement has been analyzed elsewhere (Stafford 2011).
With the help of Johnson Controls, our commitment to ACUPCC and the Clinton Climate Initiative, we can serve as a responsible role model to other colleges, nationwide.
We are honored to be recognized by ACUPCC for our ongoing efforts to promote a more sustainable future for our students, our communities and our country," said Boston.
First created in October of 2006, the ACUPCC quickly grew to over 400 institutions in 2007 and currently boasts 674 members.
Even after signing onto the ACUPCC, however, it was hard to move projects forward, according to John Wear, director of the Center for the Environment:
Of the 388 institutions that signed on in 2007, the inaugural year, about 89 percent have conducted and submitted greenhouse gas inventories, says Toni Nelson, the ACUPCC program director at Second Nature.
AASHE hosts the climate action reporting tool for the ACUPCC.
In just four years, JCCC has become a signatory to the ACUPCC and is providing regional and national leadership on sustainability issues.
Green Campuses for All within a Generation: Reflections on the ACUPCC Climate Summit.
In November, the ACUPCC announced a partnership with the Clinton Climate Initiative that will give signers access to extra funding and better pricing.
ACUPCC signatory schools exist in all 50 states and enroll 30 percent of the total U.